DIY Mickey Pizza


Now this is a saying I live by, and pizza is no exception.

There is, however, a major lack of Mickey Mouse shaped pizza in local supermarkets, so I thought why not combine a love of Mickey-shaped grub with a love of cooking and make it even more fun by getting the girls involved!


You will need:

Pizza bases (homemade or store-bought) – 2 small and one medium/large

Pizza toppings – tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pepperoni, anything you fancy!

Mickey Mouse cookie cutter

Large baking tray


Depending on just how Mickey-themed you’re feeling, use the cookie cutter to make shapes from your chosen toppings.


With 3 girls, sharing the shape of Mickey was relatively easy (one for each circle). Once the basic tomato base is down, let the kids go nuts with their own toppings.


And then arrange the pizzas on the baking tray! If you don’t have a large enough tray, you can always bake each mini pizza separately and save arranging the shape before serving.


Bake as required (depends on your pizza base), around 10-15 mins in a medium oven.


And voila! Quick, easy, fun and delicious, and a fab way to keep that Disney excitement going!

Why not save this for the day before you leave? 🙂

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