LottieDoesDisney 2015

Well folks its been quite a year!


2014 saw the first anniversary of the blog, and most importantly my Disney World trip in August, on which I’ve based all my newly posted tips, secrets and reviews! I know the last month or so has been more Disney World posting and less of the lighter blog stuff, but I really wanted to get it out of the way so I can focus more on my weekly posts in 2015.

First and foremost, I cannot thank my wonderful readers and followers enough for taking time to look through the site; in the last few months readership has been booming and it puts such a smile on my face! After all, I don’t spend hours researching and writing just for my own pleasure.. Well, maybe a little!

So here’s my 2015 blogging plan:

I’ll be dedicating each week to a Disney film, and posting my usual pieces on my usual days (occasionally I let work or personal life get in the way of this, I’m only human). They are:

– Fashion Fix Tuesdays – outfits, makeup, nail art etc

– DIY Wednesdays – crafts and fun activities for all

– Foodie Thursdays – recipes and other delicious ideas

– DisneySide Saturdays – a day I set aside for any random musings of mine

And I’m hoping that I might be able to squeeze in an introduction to each week on the Monday.

I’m really going to be making an effort to keep up to date with posting, and of course I’ll be adding in all sorts of extras along the way! I’ve yet to decide whether films will be running in chronological order throughout the year, but that’s how I’ll start off.

I cannot wait for another magical year in 2015, with at least one Disney trip in the pipeline already, and I’m so excited to be sharing it with my lovely readers and followers! I’ve recently listed on Bloglovin’, so if you’re a user please head across and follow me there. There’s also an option down the sidebar for you to follow the blog directly via email, and of course you can keep up with us on Instagram @lottiedoesdisney

Love, hugs and pixie dust!


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