Giving Ikea furniture a DisneySide

So its DIY Friday, instead of Wednesday this week due to a mix up in my work shifts. I’m also sharing a bit of my DisneySide, which I’ll follow up tomorrow ūüôā

Nevertheless, the posting must go on! And as Fantasia is a bit of a jumble of a film, I struggled to find anything specifically from the classic to settle on for a DIY, but as I’ve spent my whole week¬†honouring the main mouse¬†himself, I thought I’d concentrate on¬†him, and share my latest addition to my Disney bedroom.¬†As part of my new craft/Disney area, I bought some basic shelving units from Ikea (I really love that place), but I wanted to add some¬†hooks on the side, and also Disney it up a bit, and managed to kill two birds with one stone..


I¬†have a¬†huge Vinylmation collection, so I bought some cheap, damaged models on eBay (I’d never use a good one, I’m too much of a collector), and spray painted them white to match the unit. I used project enamel because its designed for use on all kinds of materials, it dries quickly and¬†has a good finish.


Depending on the original colour, it can take 2-3 coats, and be sure to let it dry properly on each side before flipping it to do the other. Once dried, work out¬†how you’d like to arrange your figures, marking if point if you find it easier, then carefully apply superglue to the back of the¬†head and feet.


Then place the figures into position,¬†holding them in place for a little while to allow the adhesive to bond properly. Superglues are instant adhesives, so begin to¬†hold straight away, but you’ve got a minute or so during which you can re-position them.


And while the glue set quickly, you should ideally leave it overnight to 24 hours before hanging any weight from them.



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