I See What You Did There, Valspar..

I’m a bit of a DIY junkie. I can’t wait to move into my own place and start decorating and re-decorating constantly, and one of the things on my Disney Bucket List is to have at least one Disney themed room in my house, so this week, with the help of Valspar Paint UK, I’ve been looking at ways you can bring a little Disney into your home, without going too overboard!

The challenge I set myself, and this is going to be an ongoing series with different themes each month, is to pick out colour schemes to represent Disney films using Valspar colours, but only if the name of the colour relates to the film! You see, each of Valspar’s 2000 pre-selected colours has its own name, from the cutesy Party Pattie and Freshly Squeezed to the slightly stranger Cabbage Juice and Warm Alpaca!

Every colour can be mixed in whatever paint you need, from matt emulsion for walls to gloss for wood and metal trims, and even masonry paint, so you can throw old ideas of painting plain out the window, and colour outside the lines!

So this week I’ve taken on Disney princess films!


Frozen – Cold as Ice (R191E) Frosty Aqua (R219F) Snow Flurries (R184E)

Once I found Cold As Ice, the rest of the colours came easy. Lots of the pale icy colours look great together, but I really liked the hint of purple Snow Flurries brings to the table, without being too in your face.


Brave – Fiery Sky (133E) highland Loch (R193D) Shadows of Time (R220A)

The names of these colours are a little more loosely linked to the film itself, but Shadows of Time really reminded me of the magic in the movie, and Fiery Sky made me think of Merida’s fierce personality.


Tangled – See the Light (R143A) Birthday Bouquet (R63C) Purple hibiscus (R50D) Lantern Glow (132C)

I actually had a fifth colour for this colour scheme called Sun Sparkle, but it was very similar to See the Light. I think the names of these are really self-explanatory, but the photo makes the colours look a little darker, they look better together in real life!


Princess and the Frog – Bayou Serenade (R13C) Ribbet! (R236A) Frog Prince (R226A)

I love that all the names of these tie in together because they look so good together! Bayou Serenade would make a great main colour (grey is totally in right now), with Frog Prince as a feature wall and Ribbet! for the skirting and other features.


Mulan – Ming Dynasty (R160A) Green Reflection (R225F) Samurai Fusion (R70E)

My camera’s gone a little wacky today, Green Reflection isn’t quite as light as it seems here, its a shade or two lighter than the green Mulan wears in the films. Samurai Fusion and Ming Dynasty are great feature colours!


Pocahontas – Nice Tan (R114C) Soul Searching (R6F) Soul Blue (R168C)

I really like this selection; I watched Pocahontas last night so I’m feeling it right now. Soul Searching is more brown than the photo shows!


Aladdin – Three Wishes (R227E) Bengal Tiger (W24C) Glistening Aqua (R128E)

Ok, so Glistening Aqua doesn’t strictly fit into the theme of the movie, but I’m sure you can say water is somewhere in the film, and the colour matched Jasmine’s outfit so perfectly!


Beauty and the Beast – Bonjour (R140C) Consomme (R119C) Pain Au Chocolat (R98F)

I struggled a lot with this one as there are so many colour scheme options that could all represent the film, but I went for a French theme that incorporated Belle’s classic ballgown!


The Little Mermaid – Cajun Shrimp (R72E) Enchanted Mermaid (R220C) Purple hibiscus (R50D)

Ok, so Enchanted Mermaid is the perfect name, and a great colour. I kept to Ariel’s classic look when picking out the colours, which are all very bold so perfect for playing around with artsy stripes and tape tricks.


Sleeping Beauty – Sleepy Kisses (R29A) Budding Beauty (R32A) Princess heartbreak (R68E)

The camera has washed the pale pinks out a little bit, but either would make a great light wall colour, with the other for accents and skirting and Princess heartbreak as a feature wall.


Cinderella – Daydream Believer (R61B) Little Glass Slipper (R171E) Periwinkle Dream (R159E)

Little Glass Slipper, come on! I was half expecting to find a colour called A Dream is a Wish, but no luck so I settled for two more dreamy colours that look perfect together.

And I totally failed with Snow White, but mainly cos I totally spaced and forgot about her!

If I’ve inspired you, keep an eye out for our next post and you could win your next decorating project!


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