What I’m looking forward to this week!

So I’m totally aware that, other than my RunDisney training posts, my posting habits have been incredibly poor this last month or so. Excuses? Well I could say that I’ve been working on a few different upcoming lifestyle posts, which is true, but I honestly can’t blame it on anything more than changes in my personal life leading to a lot of self-evaluation; the super deep stuff that tends to follow a breakup.

So that said, I’m working hard on looking forward, and concentrating on bigger and better things, so I’m going to start writing more personal lifestyle pieces, including ‘What I’m looking forward to..’, starting with this week!

1. Disney 2.0


On Tuesday (or actually tomorrow night for those of us lucky enough to be behind Australia time zones!) Black Milk Clothing are launching their new Disney collection. I’ve seen the previews on their Pinterest account, and its AMAZING. There’s actually not a single piece I wouldn’t want to own, and I’m actually buzzing because this month I’m letting myself loosen the purse strings a little so I can actually afford to spoil myself a little. I’ve got 3 pieces picked out, as well as a couple of other items from the website stashed in my cart waiting to go!

2. More sewing projects!

So I got a sewing machine for Christmas with the intention to get back into sewing and dressmaking, and in the last two weeks I’ve actually got round to the dressmaking side of that, making two dresses and a skirt for my girls for Easter, which were a suggest (thank goodness!) and have got me in the mood for more! I’ve already started on a new quilt this week, and I’ve got many more ideas that I can’t wait to get started on.

3. Legoland!

This Saturday, the Ohana are road-tripping up to Legoland, Windsor for a day of block related fun! We last went up there just over two years ago, and I’m really excited to see what changes have happened in that time, and we’re all hoping its going to be a little warmer than our last visit which was freezing! Taking trips like these with the family remind me of Disney times 🙂

4. Cinderella, again.

On Wednesday I’m going to see Cinderella for the second time, this time with the bestie. I saw it last week and thought it was beautiful; all I want to do now is swoosh around in a fabulous dress and talk to mice-y friends. This time I’m going to try and concentrate on the details that I probably missed first time round, and try and get some inspiration for blog posts/life.

So this week should shape up pretty nicely!


2 thoughts on “What I’m looking forward to this week!

  1. Oooh, I’m so excited to see the new Black Milk items.
    Congrats on moving onto bigger and better things. As a fellow girl going through something similar, I’d love to give you a motivational high-five and a “you go girl!” ❤

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