Lottie London Purchases

So it was a Saturday night, and I’m scrolling through Asos – this is a regular occurrence – when I see my name..

My name is not a common name; I almost had to look again to believe that what I saw was in fact true: beauty products with my name on them?


You got it! Ok, so I can be a little behind on beauty brands, but this was news to me, and I was excited! If, like me, you have an unusual name, you probably also spent your childhood searching for a personalised mug or keyring with your name, only to be bitterly disappointed, so this makes up for it!

Another bonus of stumbling upon these beauties was that I’ve been wanting some nice new makeup brushes for a while now, so this was obviously a sign from the universe, right?


Just to clarify here, I’m a makeup novice; I don’t wear it every day, and when I do, I don’t really know what I’m doing – if it looks good then it stays, if its a mess, it comes straight off again! With that in mind, I chose the basics: a foundation brush, powder brush and an eyeshadow brush, and also a kabuki brush.

First impressions, I love the colours of the brushes and the tips of the brushes match the colour of the handle which is a sweet little touch. The brushes themselves are actually great too; I was worried because the black part of the hairs looks and feels a little too synthetic and plastic-y, but the coloured tips are super soft and fine, like I hoped they would be!




I also treated myself to a few other goodies – they were on sale!

For my handbag, I bought a little button compact in coral, as well as a pack of 3 mini nail files and 6 hair ties, because you can never have too many!

As a little bit of a brow obsessive, I couldn’t go without the cute yellow tweezers, and the mint eyelash curlers rounded off my purchases for the day, and I love everything I got!


Now I didn’t just jump straight to the shopping cart, I went to Google first – what is this brand that shares my name?!

So Lottie London is a UK based cruelty free brand, which had me jumping for joy! The range spans not just brushes and accessories, but also nail varnish and other beauty products, and honestly I just felt like the brand shares my style as well as my name; my favourite colours, simple but cute designs and love of nail art, just to name a few! Oh, did I mention they were a great price?!

You can buy Lottie products from ASOS or Superdrug, and check out their webby here!


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