My Upcoming European Road Trip

As some of you may know, its not too long before I pack up my car and head out on an adventure in the great, wide somewhere. Well, strictly speaking its just Western Europe, but still.. Yes, I’m going on a road trip! And yes, I’m going alone, and I’m really quite excited about that.


The premise behind planning the trip was really my 21st birthday. I’m not a huge fan of my own birthday, but being my 21st I knew I had to commemorate it somehow, and I started thinking about it shortly after my last birthday. Originally I had the wonderful idea of returning to Disney World, until it turned out to be not quite so wonderful; October is inconvenient – I’d have no one to go with. This had me totally disheartened, and I began to accept that an unforgettable birthday wouldn’t be on the cards.

Then one day I was writing my travel bucket list, and it suddenly occured to me how easy it would be to visit quite a lot of these incredible places in one go, and thus the road trip was born! I began planning and playing around with dates, as I already had two weeks booked off work, and then something else kinda amazing happened – my parents approached me with the idea of spending my birthday weekend in Disneyland Paris, and it all fell into place!

So where am I headed?

Well I’ll be hitting the road on the 30th, and catching a ferry across to France before driving down to Mont St Michel. After exploring the beautiful peninsula, I’ll be heading across to Paris to meet my parents and sister when they fly in, and we’ll be spending the weekend in Disneyland Paris!

Once they head home, I’ll be continuing across to the east of France, before spending a few days working my way down through the Alsace region, stopping at the picturesque towns of Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse. From France, I’m ducking into Switzerland for a day or two, spending time in Geneva and visiting Chateau de Chillon before making my way into Germany.

My must-see in Germany is Neuschwanstein, the castle Walt Disney based several of his iconic palaces on. After that, I’ll be driving up through Germany, stopping in Dusseldorf, and on into Amsterdam for my last few days before catching a ferry back to the UK on the 15th.

Yes, I’m a little light on the specifics, but that’s the beauty of this trip. I know where I want to go and what I want to see, but the timescale is totally flexible. I’m officially winging it!

Want to keep up with me?

Don’t worry, I’ll be posting my daily antics every evening, and no doubt blowing up my Instagram and Twitter with photos. I’m also planning to Periscope a bit on my trip, so if you scope, give me a follow!


3 thoughts on “My Upcoming European Road Trip

  1. oh my gosh! you’ll have a blast. I took a solo trip from Michigan to Maine after I graduated high school. I did a number of things in between the two points, just knowing that my destination was New Brunswick, Maine. I stopped at the Niagra Falls, went over to Canada, and visited the other side of the falls (Horseshoe Falls) and hit a number of wax museums, then I stopped at some other small quirky museums in Maine, and while I was there I got my first tattoo. You’ll have a blast. I camped a few nights, stayed in hotels some other nights, and came home when I ran out of money.

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