Lottie Does Europe: A Lazy Sunday in Frankfurt

Lazy day, every holiday should have one, right? And although I don’t get the luxury due to my job, I’ve heard Sundays make great lazy days, so that’s what I decided for my day.

For a change, the hotel I was staying at included breakfast, so after a brief lie in, I headed down and loaded up on the continental breakfast buffet, before heading back to my room for a quick lounge, and to pack up and move on.

From Stuttgart, I drove to Frankfut, which took a little longer than expected due to pretty much every motorway on my journey having maintenance done, but that was fine; today was not about rushing.


I arrived in Frankfurt just after midday. For the first time this trip I was in a big city, with skyscrapers and office blocks towering above me, but I was overwhelmed with the calm and emptiness. The roads weren’t filled with cars, the pavements weren’t crammed with pedestrians, it would seem everyone had the same lazy Sunday idea as me. I found a place to park, and wandered through the quiet streets til I found the museum of natural history, which I was planning to visit. It was a short walk, and the sun was shining, but it was definitely considerably colder than its been anywhere else this trip.



After a few hours at the museum, which was primarily in German with only a few English translations, and mainly composed of taxidermy and large skeleton and fossil displays, I headed back to my car, and as I did I decided to stop off at a large botanical garden, with huge greenhouses and masses of park space to meander through. I spent another good few hours here, walking the park and the greenhouses, admiring the beautiful and bizarre plant life. I also stopped for a hotdog at one of the food kiosks – a frankfurter in Frankfurt, had to be done! – before continuing with my lazy stroll.




It was an afternoon of peace and quiet, and German sunshine, and it hit the spot.

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