100 Days of Happy: 1-20

Can you believe its been 20 days since I kicked off my 100 days of happy challenge?

Its been great; I think the hardest part has been choosing just one moment from each day to showcase, but here’s how I’ve got on so far:


1. An early birthday present from my sister: princess Lego!

2. My slightly wonky, but beautiful birthday cake

3. Leaving for Europe!

4. Watching the sunset over Mont St Michel from my hotel room


5. Reaching 500 Instagram followers

6. Getting a ‘touch of magic’ voucher from a cast member for my birthday

7. Looking out over my kingdom at DLP

8. Petit France in Strasbourg


9. Feeding monkeys!

10. Eating sweets and catching up with my mum from France

11. A perfect afternoon in Geneva

12. Disneybounding as Ariel at Chateau de Chillon!


13. The beautiful Neuschwanstein castle

14. Frankfurters in Frankfurt!

15. The comfiest bed

16. Belgian waffles!


17. Because Starbucks never spell my name right!

18. Mini pancakes in Delft with Dad

19. Coming home to my Disneyland Paris goodies!

20. Getting back to running, with a new member of the family Parkrun squad!

You can keep up with my daily happy moments on Instagram, and I’ll catch up with you guys in about another 20 days!


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Happy: 1-20

    • Yeah a few people have said that about the pictures, not sure what’s going on there 😦 thanks for the tag btw! x

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