Disney Girl Secret Santa

Ok girlies, don’t hate me for being so early on Christmas prep, but this is really just to test the waters and see who’s interested! (Plus, I waited until after Halloween, and I think that’s acceptable, ha!)

So really the best thing that blogging and Disney has done for me, especially in the last year or so, is brought me together with some truly incredible people, and at the heart of that are my Disney girls, and it really does hurt my heart sometimes that some of these magical ladies aren’t in my life physically, as well as on social media; you guys know who you are.

With that in mind, I have a proposition for you all: I will organise DISNEY SECRET SANTA. Yes, yes, yes?!

Obviously I keep in regular contact with a lot of you, so I’ll chase you all up to see if you’re interested, but if you’re up for entering, drop me a DM on Twitter (@lottiedoesblog) with the following:

– Your details, including address, any social media usernames and blog links – so your Santa can keep an eye on you!

– A little bit about yourself – what you’d like your Santa to know about you: favourite films, personal style etc

– Your thoughts on min/max spend, so I can choose a fair amount that everyone agrees on!

From there, I’ll do all the hard work!

Once everyone has registered their interest and commited, I’ll be sending out the details of your randomly selected lovely lady, and any other information, including send-by dates and spending limits!

Let me know what you think girlies!


NB. This is for UK Disney girls/bloggers only, sorry!

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