Lottie Does 2016

And its 2016, hello everyone!


A new year, a new start for many, and a little change up for this little blog of mine..

Look up. See that the top menu’s looking a little sparse? Now look down the righthand side. My widgets are all moved about. No, these aren’t the ‘major changes’ I’ve been harping on about on Twitter for the last few weeks, but they’re in preparation for it. I love my blog, and 2015 has seen so much growth and support, and my love for blogging has grown more than I could have imagined possible, and that is why, come January 20th, I’m re-branding a little..

Lottie Does is on its way!

No, I’m not stopping writing about Disney. I can basically guarantee that I’ll still throwing plenty of Disney around here, and don’t worry, all my old posts will still be here! But in the last few months I’ve been expanding my range of post subjects, and its gone down so well that I can’t wait to continue, and trust me, I’ve got so much planned! I’ve got new series, continuing series.. There’ll be lifestyle, food, travel, fitness; I’ll be sharing recipes, reviewing products and going on adventures, and I’m so excited!

I’m also changing my layout; I’ve got a new design ready and the gorgeous and talented Jemma from Dorkface is designing my new header, and most importantly, I’ve purchased my domain, so my web address will be changing to lottiedoes.com!

Big love to everyone who has kept up with me in 2015, and I really hope you guys like what’s in store!


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