A Month with Magnitone

I have never been good at washing my face. Ask my mum, she’ll tell you.

Now I’ve been pretty lucky that, despite this fact, I’ve grown up with fairly good skin. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but my face can get pretty dry at times, so back in December I vowed to improve my skincare habits in 2016, and it all started when I added a Magnitone Barefaced to my Christmas list. Now I know its been almost two months since Christmas, but I didn’t properly get into using my brush until I came back from my January Disney trip, so its been a full month of everyday use today!


The brushes come in 3 beautiful pastel shades, and I chose orange! The brush also comes with a sweet little travel case, and I also got a shower hammock (sold separately, but Mum got it free with an offer when she bought the brush), so I’ve got the full works! Because the brush is 100% waterproof, instead of a regular charging cable, there’s a cute little magnetic charging device that plugs into a USB socket. Its recommended that you charge your brush for a full 12 hours before first use, and I’m yet to need to recharge so far!

So I’ve been using my brush every day now, usually right after I have a shower because it means my face is already wet and free of makeup, but if not then I use Garnier Micellar Water to ensure my face is totally clean. Using the brush is totally straight forward, just apply your favourite facial cleanser to the brush, then turn it on! Press the button once for a regular buzz, or twice for a pulsing cycle. The brush will run for 1 minute per cycle, beeping every 20 seconds so you can move on to the next area! Once you’re done, rinse and dry, then you can carry on with your regular routine, which for me is Nivea Soft Cream!

How am I getting on?

Well, I’m really enjoying it! For the first week or so of use, I found that using the brush was bring out a lot the rubbish I didn’t know I was in there, and I was breaking out a little. Magnitone say this is totally normal, and this cleared up nicely after a while. It’s like an electric toothbrush for your face! I think for me its great to have a product that gives me a clean feeling every time I use it, but I also don’t feel like I’m spending forever on a fancy routine; its 1-2 minutes, and it feels like fun rather than a chore. I’ve been using Neutrogena cleansers because I really love the smell of them and they’ve worked well for me in the past, and I love seeing the brush foam it up properly on my face.

I haven’t needed to change my brush head yet, but its really easy to take it off and replace, and you can get all sorts of different heads too! Oh, and it came with a 12 month warranty too!

Are you confident going barefaced?

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4 thoughts on “A Month with Magnitone

  1. If I wasn’t tempted to get a Magnitone for myself before, I am now. Weirdly I do have the confidence to go barefaced, now that I take better care of myself and my skin, and I’m happy to do more to help, as whilst I do wear make up, I don’t wear a lot. X

  2. I have a very similar skincare routine with the clinique brush! I wear so much cake on a daily basis, I kinda needed something to cleanse me good! I love the colours of the magnitone though as my clinique one is just boring old white!

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