Friday Favourite Five – 2016 Character Meets

Super late FFF today because I’ve been so very poorly this week and I’ve been stuck at work all day, so to cheer myself up I’m reminiscing back on my January Disney trip and my favourite character meet and greets!

1. Rapunzel and Flynn


Until I saw it with my own two eyes, I thought that meeting Flynn, let alone Flynn and Rapunzel together, would have to remain a wonderful dream. Now, I guess I gotta go find a new one! They were so lovely; Flynn told me he liked my hair and we talked about running and I got to hug my girl Punz and it was just magical.

2. Baymax


Fist bumps, hugs and robot dancing with this one was so special, not even ashamed to say we went to see him more than once..

3. Meeko


This meet was a total surprise but it was a wonderful one! We stumbled across him in Epcot and getting to hang out with my favourite raccoon after over 15 years was perfect.

4. Chewbacca


Wookiee hugs really are the best!

5. Rafiki


This was my first time meeting Rafiki (or at least that I can remember) and he was so much fun! Plus he loved my outfit and that’s always cute.

Who are your favourite characters to meet?

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favourite Five – 2016 Character Meets

  1. 2 of my dream meets there, Flynn & Rapunzel have been on my list for so long, were they listed on the DLR programme or did you just get lucky? I see a few people meet them there so I’ll be on the hunt and Baymax would just be so great to meet as well but pretty sure that one is unlikely to happen. Minnie and Chip n Dale are my absolute faves to meet

    • One of the things I love about DLR is that meets are a lot more random than WDW. Punz and Flynn were meeting by Snow White’s wishing well randomly throughout the day, but they also do a show at Fantasy Faire and if you hang around afterwards you can meet them there too!

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