My Disney Confessions

Jumping on the Disney blogger bandwagon of confessing some of my more shameful secrets for my fellow fangirls in the hopes they don’t disown me and make me give back my Mickey ears..


I’ll start with just 10, and see if I’m still standing once this is all over, ha!

1. I don’t like Dole Whip – in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever had one!

2. I really don’t see the point or appeal of collecting pins. Trading is kinda cool, but they’re so much money and they really serve no purpose..

3. Although I’ve done it before, I would never choose to stay offsite unless I was really broke. I just like being fully surrounded by the magic.

4. I’d rather be alone in the parks than drag around people who don’t want to be there. Embrace the magic y’all!

5. I’d rather watch parades than fireworks.

6. I hate it when Disney release merchandise WAY before a film comes out, and purposefully will not buy any until I’ve seen the film. I’m looking at you, Tsum Tsums..

7. I wish I could do Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach, but I know I’ll never have the nerve to do it!

8. I like Haunted Mansion, but I don’t get why so many people are obsessed with it. I guess I just don’t like spooky things..

9. I don’t see the appeal of Gaston – I mean I’d like to meet him one day, but I won’t queue for ages or fangirl over him.

10. Although they’re great in Florida heat, I don’t think I could ever spend an entire day at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. It just feels like a waste of a day..

Ok well that’s me.. What are your confessions?

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13 thoughts on “My Disney Confessions

  1. I love this! I agree with so many of them as well- I actually really love the pins but they are so expensive that I would never buy them or start trading them. And I don’t buy merchandise before I see the film either!
    As for Gaston, I was exactly the same until I went to WDW the first time and was walking along not looking where I was going and accidentally bumped into Gaston as he was walking to his M&G- and he said “hi there” with a smile and I swear I swooned hahaha! Yet I had NO prior feelings for Gaston (except that he was a bit of a knob) but yep, I totally fangirled. Embarrassing!

    • A lot of people have said that once I meet him I’ll fall in love, so I think I will try and meet him one day! I totally fangirled meeting Flynn Rider, I had to try so hard to play it cool, ha!

  2. I only have one pin which is from the Disneyland Hotel in DLP – we spent so much time in there in November that I wanted something to remember it by! It’s pinned to my candle basket along with my celebration badges from the Parks.

    I agree about the waterparks – I do love Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon but don’t think I could spend more than half a day there!

    • I have two pins because when I went to DLP for my 21st, a CM gave me and my sister a magic voucher for a free one each. I love celebration badges though!

  3. I totally agree with everything apart from Gaston, I don’t even know why but i love him! I really don’t like Dole Whip Floats though, the first day I was there I had one and it just tasted yucky – it might have been off but never had one since! xo

  4. I don’t know how I got sucked into the pins but now I have to buy a year one every trip at least, i don’t trade or take them to the parks though. 4, I’ve come to realise this after spending too much time in parks with people who didn’t care if they were there or at home, if they can’t enjoy the magic then save me the hassle of wasting my time as stay at home and let me enjoy haha! And completely agree with 8 and 9!

  5. This was so fun to read. I want to know more tho hehe. My mind has gone blank but I know I have a few of these too. I’ll let u know when I think of them. But I do agree with the merchandise, although I did buy the Zootopia tsums lol 😂 Xxx

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