Am I an adult now?

Later on this year, I’m finally gonna be able to understand how Taylor Swift feels. 22..

I mean, I’ve been an official adult for over 3 years now, and an even more official adult for almost six months, but seriously guys, does it ever really sink in?

I have, however, already done some things this year that have made me feel like a bit of a grown up, so does that make me an adult now?


I bought health insurance

Ok, so I definitely don’t think I’m adult enough to get life insurance just yet, but I did decide in January that having health insurance would benefit me. Being blind as a bat since I was six, plus with all the injuries I sustain from running and inheriting the family bad ankles, knees, back etc, putting money aside each month for treatment actually does make sense. I’m now with Simply Health, and bought it through Top Cashback to get £42 back, as well as there being an offer for the first two months free, hello savings!

I threw out my underwear

I started the year by chucking out pretty much all of my underwear and buying new stuff. I’m not gonna lie, it was time. I kept one or two bras and the odd pair of pants that were fairly recently bought, but everything else went – all the poorly fitting push-ups and anything with holes or exhausted elastic. In doing so, I made the grown up discovery that the underwear my younger self thought was the best really wasn’t; sometimes comfort and support comes from undies you never thought about.

Saving money for my car

I’m super lucky to have my dream car already: a sunshine yellow Fiat 500, bought second hand two years ago. While in relatively good nick, she does need a few things doing, and while I haven’t got round to getting them fixed just yet, I have been putting money into my savings to cover the costs of the work.

I didn’t cry at a pet’s death

After coming back from America, I decided it was finally time for me to replace my beloved hamster Flynn who I lost back in October. Unfortunately, I chose a psycho hamster who didn’t cope with the stress of moving very well and sadly passed away after two weeks. Normally I’d have taken one look at the poor thing, burst into tears and called my mum to come and remove it, but not this time; I carefully scooped it up and dealt with it tear free.

Now where’s my medal?

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