Working Wardrobe Dreams – The Heels

Comfortable heels are like the grail, right? For someone like me who could happily spend every day barefoot and basically only wear Converses, heels are a struggle enough before even considering the comfort factor, but I honestly wish I could be one of those fabulous women who effortlessly glide around in stilettos and pumps all day every day without a blister plaster in sight! Until then, I’ll just ogle over them..


Top row: Showbiz heels from Asos, Yellow Pointed Court Shoes from New Look, Nero Flare mid heel from Topshop Bottom row: Pine Cone heels from Asos, Contrast Leather heels from Zara

Man I love shoes, aren’t they all so pretty? You might have noticed that I generally go for a pump style, and of course I love a bit of colour; I think shoes are such a great way to brighten up a boring-ish outfit.

I love how cute the little strap is on those gorgeous coral heels, and the abstract print on the Asos Pine Cone is so fun without being too garish. It also wouldn’t be one of my wishlists without a bit of yellow, would it? Going against my general dislike of open toes, the shiny gold heels of the Nero would make them perfect for heading straight from the office to dinner or drinks, and the teal/navy/orange combo leather is all kinds of perfect!

Are you happy in heels?

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