Somewhat Profound Realisations of the Week

Do you ever have those weeks were you seem to spot a deeper meaning in everything you do? Well I’ve just had one of those. I’ve had some really deep and meaningful thoughts, and I thought you guys might like to hear them!


Monday – I don’t need to apologise for things that aren’t my fault

So you might have seen me talk about this on Twitter, but here’s the reader’s digest version: I had the shift from hell on Monday, ending up in tears on more than one occasion, and after calming down on my lunch break, I had planned on apologising to my co-workers for my behaviour, but then it hit me – had I not been put in such a bad situation, I would not have ended up in the state I was, and I didn’t need to say sorry for that. It was a great moment for me.

Tuesday – It only takes one moron to create a traffic jam

Ok, this one is metaphorical and literal, and yes, I was the moron who ran out of petrol on a dual-carriageway during morning rush hour, but it got me thinking about the small things that can have big consequences. My little Fiat 500 blocking one lane of traffic due to me thinking I could make it through the day with nothing in the tank probably made a lot of people late to work or school (including myself and my mum who had to come rescue me), but in the same way, when someone doesn’t think about the consequences of their actions, someone else could suffer.

Wednesday – I can wear whatever I like to the gym

Getting ready for my usual Wednesday morning gym session, and as I pulled a semi-boring pink t-shirt from my drawer, I noticed the new Fabletics sports bra that I put away for a day when I felt confident enough to wear it, and I decided that day was today. And d’you know what happened? I walked into the gym and I felt good about myself. Everyone around me was too busy focusing on their own workouts to care about what I was wearing, and if anyone was staring, it was cos I was kicking butt with my kettlebell routine and not because of what I was wearing.

Thursday – Everything great starts with baby steps

Following on from yesterday’s gym session, I got out of bed with the achy shoulders that generally come the morning after. I stood in front of the mirror and attempted to raise my arms above my head – oowww – and as I turned a little, I’ll admit my jaw dropped a little as I noticed (for the first time properly) just how toned my back is now, and it dawned on me that had I not decided to join this one particular class at my gym, almost 2 years ago now, I wouldn’t have met and become such good friends with Steph, the personal trainer who has helped me so much ever since, and I wouldn’t be looking like this!

Friday – People always work better when they feel appreciated

You may have realised by now that my life basically revolves around work and the gym. This week has been a particularly tough one for my whole team at work; our new store manager pretty much bullies our whole department and is forcing us through some changes – that won’t improve our sales like he thinks it will, but I won’t get into it all.. – and we all just feel totally poo. The result? None of us are feeling particularly motivated to do our jobs right now. One day, when I’ve left my yucky retail job behind me and am ruling the world, I will endeavour to ensure my staff never feel underappreciated.

Saturday – Even bunnies can become cops

Basically, anyone can kick butt. Go see Zootropolis/topia. Girl power.

How’s your week been?

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