5 Things All Girls Wish We Could Do

Who run the world? Queen Bey knows how it is.

Now we all know there’s no inferior sex in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a few things we fantasise about being able to do..

1. Flick our hair like a Disney princess

You know, without taking someone out/getting a strand stuck to your lipstick/ending up in a backcombed mess, and having it fall back perfectly.

2. Pick a lock with a hair pin

We’ve all tried it, right? Spy movies have set the bar WAY too high.

3. Apply liquid eyeliner perfectly in a moving vehicle

I once witnessed a girl doing this, it was incredible.

4. Pee standing up

No more awkward squatting when we’re caught short in the middle of nowhere? Yes please.

5. Eat pizza everyday and still look like a Victoria Secret model

We want stuffed crust, not stuff jeans..

What’s on your list?

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2 thoughts on “5 Things All Girls Wish We Could Do

  1. No. 1 ABSOLUTELY, the hair sticking to the lipstick/gloss is a constant pain in the a&^%, without fail.everytime!
    Quite frankly I’d like to be able to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly full stop, when ever it’s time to do it, I guarantee i get a shaky hand

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