A Promise to my Disney Friends

How many times do I say it? I love my Disney friends.

The internet has brought me close to so many amazing people that I would have never been lucky enough to meet otherwise, and today’s post is really just about sharing how much you guys mean to me.

As a Disney friend, I forever promise..

  • To always be a patient photographer for when you need me to take all those well thought out castle shots and character poses
  • To never make fun of the embarrassing thing you said when you were fangirling in the presence of your Disney prince crush
  • To sit for however long it takes to get a perfect parade viewing spot
  • I will always appreciate the amount of time spent not only choosing your park oufits, but also coordinating all the accessories and finding the perfect pair of Mickey ears to match
  • I will only call you out on the weirdest of your Disney character crushes (Robin Hood, really?)
  • To always scream as loud as you during parades
  • I will always be up for watching Disney movies, and I will always sing along if you need me to
  • To never make a big deal when something Disney makes you cry, probably because I’ll be crying too
  • To never judge the food eaten in Disney parks, whether you’ve eaten your entire body weight every meal, or lived off churros the whole time
  • I will be prepared to wake up at whatever time necessary to get to the parks
  • Whenever possible, if you need someone to run away to Disney with, I will be there.


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