Products I Won’t Be Buying Again

I really try and avoid negativity on this blog, but today I thought I’d step away from glowing reviews and share a few products that I’ve been a little disappointed with.


Herbal Essences dry shampoo

When we were having the bathroom redone, I thought it would be smart to stock up on dry shampoo to help survive the weeks of only having access to the showers at my gym. I’m normally a Batiste girl, but as I was buying some Herbal Essences conditioner and there was a 2 for something offer on, I decided to grab a can of the Escape to Paradise Tropical Refresh dry shampoo. Honestly I didn’t even know HB did dry shampoo, so I was quite excited, especially as I rarely have any problems with their other products. This, however, was a massive disappointment. It left my hair feeling thick and sticky, sometimes greasier than it was before.. Yuck. I did notice the other day though that they do a couple of different ones, so it could be that I just chose one that doesn’t suit my hair, but it has put me off a little.

Rimmel London 9 in 1 BB cream

I feel like this one’s on me a little bit; I wanted a BB cream and made a rushed decision in Boots based on the price, when I probably should have done a little bit more research. It just felt like a cheap foundation. It didn’t really sink into my skin at all, just felt kinda thick and despite being described as ‘light’ was a tad orangey. Not again, thank you..

(If this hasn’t put you off and you’re interested in trying this, I’m selling it on my Depop shop: lottiem94!)

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream

I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, and I expected a similar feeling when I bought this hand cream, but I’m really not a fan! While the cocoa butter always soaks nicely into my skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth, the coconut oil cream leaves my hands feeling super greasy. It smells nice, but that’s about all I really like.

All of these views come from my own experience with the products, and that doesn’t mean to say that others feel the same way, just sometimes these things don’t work for everyone!

Have you ever had a bad experience with a product that everyone else has loved?

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5 thoughts on “Products I Won’t Be Buying Again

  1. All of my friends LOVE herbal essence shampoos &conditioners. However they gave me acne all down my back!! I had to immediately quit and it took almost two weeks for it to clear up. It was a disgusting, disappointing revelation. I don’t know why it effected me so badly!!

  2. I came across the same disappoint when it came to Herbal Essences dry shampoo, it didn’t do anything and didn’t look any better than before I used it. I’m sticking with Batiste from now on out.

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