YearOfFit – Marks of a Good Personal Trainer

Fitness is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and with more and more people taking their health more seriously, personal trainers are on the up and raking in the cash!

I know this because I have one. I met Steph through a class she takes at my gym, and we became friends through that long before I started training with her, which I began doing in August last year. I see her 1-2 times a week, not because I need help working out, but because she gives me variety, and because I’ve come so far through training with her, I’m excited to see what I can be capable of.

There are plenty of supposed ‘good traits’ to look for in a personal trainer, but today I’m going to tell you what I think makes a PT great.

They don’t spoon-feed you

If your trainer is giving you everything on a plate, then it doesn’t encourage your personal development. You should be making your own diet and workout decisions; if they provide everything then you can’t always learn it.

They work you how you want them to

Personal trainers should be just that; working at a personal level. That means if you want to work on a particular area, that’s what they should be doing. They should never ignore your requests.

You can workout without them

Your PT should be giving you enough information about what they do with you that you should be able to go to the gym without them and still get a good workout in. They should be teaching you their techniques, like drop-sets and HIIT, and also explaining what areas you target with what moves, so that you know exactly what you’re doing, even when they’re not around.

You can’t hate them, even when they’re super mean

All PTs can be tough, in fact quite often they have to be, but a great trainer is one that you like enough that even through the blood, sweat and tears, you still want them there.

You’re not checking the time

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Well it also flies when you’re kicking butt on the gym floor, but you shouldn’t be wishing time would go faster.

They’re always there for you

Without you taking advantage of it, a good trainer should be there to support you away from the gym, whether you need nutrition advice or want to know what area you should focus on when you self-train.

They make you to surprise yourself

A great personal trainer is one that helps you achieve things you never thought you could. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be as strong as I am now, I’d probably have laughed in your face.

You feel so much more confident in the gym

Like many women, the free weights area used to be super intimidating for me, and the thought of wearing a crop top even more so. Now though, neither of them bother me in the slightest!

They tell you how proud they are

None of this tough guy act, your PT should share how they feel about your progress. It such a great motivator to know they’re proud of you.

They make fitness a fun, important part of your life

Ultimately, a good personal trainer is one that helps you become a healthier person, whether you train with them over a short period of time or more regularly. You should see results, you should be amazed with yourself and you should be excited to be getting fitter and healthier.

Hands up, who loves their PT? *raises hand*

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