My Running Confessions

I’m loving writing confessions posts, can you tell?


I still feel a little bit weird calling myself a runner, but the fact is I’ve been training properly for almost 2 years now, which means I’ve got two years worth of confessions to make! As per usual with my confession posts, this is all in jest, but the confessions are true!

1. My first pair of running shoes were a fluke

When I bought the first ‘proper’ pair of trainers for running in, I just went into a Nike outlet store and picked a pair I liked the look and feel of. No testing, no assessing my stance or gait, I just put them on and bought them. Looking back, I was so fortunate to be that lucky; those were the shoes I ran my first 5K, 10K and half marathons in.

2. I only started using a GPS this year

I used to plan all my routes on Google maps to get the distance right. My dad’s always had a GPS watch, so I’ve relied on him too, but it was only in January that I bothered to start tracking myself, and I’m only using MapMyRun on my phone.

3. I’ve never used compression anything

Tights, sleeves, socks, whatever. I’ve not even dabbled in it.

4. I sometimes pause MapMyRun at traffic lights

Not always, but sometimes, and I definitely think more runners do this than admit to it!

5. I hate running in summer

Everyone always thinks that the summer is perfect for running, but I can’t stand it. Its hot, the sun gets in my eyes and it means either having to get up stupid early or running late in the day. Yuck.

6. I don’t have set intervals

When Dad and I were running the Star Wars half marathon back in January, we got talking to this guy about previous races and what not, and he asked us what our run/walk/run intervals are – you should have seen his face when we told him we just kinda made it up as we went along.. He actually didn’t talk to us anymore after that, ha!

7. I don’t like running in shorts

I just don’t trust them to not chafe, I’m sorry shorts.

8. Taping for every run seems ridiculous

When I developed knee problems at the end of last year and had to go to physio, I had to learn the art of taping in order to be able to do my January races while I was recovering. While it did help, it was a faff, and I can’t understand people using tape every single time they run..

9. Foam rollers aren’t as bad as everyone thinks

There’s a lot of hate for the foam roller, but they’re really not that bad if you ask me..

10. Dad and I make fun of people with crazy running stances

Yep, I’m bringing Dad in on this one so I don’t seem so mean.. And we don’t make fun of, we just comment on it because seriously, some people run in the weirdest ways. It doesn’t make them any less of a runner, and most of them are still faster than us.

Wanna fess up to anything?

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