June Monthly Favourites!

You know those insanely busy months were you get to the 20-something-th and are suddenly massively shocked by the date? Yep. June. BUTTT its time for some of my favourite things this month!

June Monthly Favourites

Beautiful Brows

June has really been the best month for my eyebrows. Remember I did a big Makeup Revolution shop at the end of May? Well the Ultra Brow palette has become my best friend! I still don’t know if what I’m doing would be considered as correct, but I look good and feel good and that’s basically pretty cool by me.

Frying Pan 5K Medal

If you haven’t heard me harping on about The Happiest Fitness Co’s first virtual race enough, the medals arrived a few weeks ago and I genuinely squealed when I opened the box to discover just how perfect they are! If you’re interested, its raising money for The Rainbow Trust children’s charity, and you can enter here!

New Mickey Ears

I’ve been very restrained this year in my buying of ears this year, having come back from WDW in January with 4 new pairs, but I did get two new pairs this month: the prettiest floral crown pair and the cutest It’s a Small World pair!


I missed the first Girl Gang Movie Night due to being on a coach home from London, so I was so excited to not only be able to take part in this month’s, but also for it to be one of my favourite chick flicks: Clueless!

Ditching the old and embracing new

This month I decided to say goodbye to my weekly Friday Favourite Fives series and bring in a few different posts, like bringing back my pre-Disney trip outfit posts and having a bit of fun with more confessions!

Amazing friends

My friends have been so great this month. I kicked off the month with a day trip to London to hang out with some of my favourite girls, and say goodbye to Milly before she leaves for her amazing adventure in Florida; window shopping and food with them was just what I needed.

I’ve also loved listening back to episodes of the DLP Hot Seat podcast, presented by Mitch, who I met for the first time back in April and is one of the funniest guys I know!

So that’s June over and done with, and with July looking to be a very exciting month, I can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “June Monthly Favourites!

  1. I’ve got the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal and I just love the shade selection in these type of palettes! Makes concealing, brows, highlighting, blush and contouring just a tad easier and fun to do ๐Ÿ™‚

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