My Gym Confessions

Its that time of month again; the time where I spill some of my little life secrets in the hopes of entertaining my lovely readers! I love a good bit of tongue in cheek.

We all know that some of the biggest cliches that resonate worldwide are those found on the gym floor, and pretty much everyone and their mother claims to have a membership somewhere, even if they use it once in a blue moon, so hopefully I won’t be alone in some of these!

I skipped the induction session

You know that half an hour they expect you to book in so that they can walk you around and point out what things are while you ignore them and end up just as clueless as you were at the start. Yep, I figured it was pointless..

I’m still a little nervous in the free weights area

It doesn’t stop me going there – I mean, when a girl’s gotta lift, a girl’s gotta lift – but I do make my visits swift when there’s lots of other people there, and if I know I’ve got a bit of an audience, I’ll stick to things I know rather than making a fool of myself

If anyone shoots me a dirty look while I’m working out, they instantly go in my bad books

I don’t care that I don’t know them. There’s this one girl at my gym who gives me shade all the time, and one time she put all her stuff over the mat that I was working on – as in, I was actually sat on this mat and she still didn’t care and took up half of it, come on! – and I genuinely have started trying to avoid the times she’s normally there.

That being said, I give some people major shade

Hypocrite, I know, but if you’re trying to take a selfie on a machine, or are the middle aged creep attempting to seduce young girls while you’re sweating buckets on the rower, I’m gonna shoot the odd dirty look your way. Also if you’re not wiping down your equipment, gross.

I can’t work out with other people

With the exception of my PT Steph, I don’t think I could ever do a workout with a buddy. I’m happy to go to the gym with other people, but after we walk onto the floor its everyone for themselves!

I hate going on equipment right after someone else has used it

Not because I think its gross, but I’m always worried that they weren’t finished using it or that they might think I was waiting to pounce on it as soon as they’d finished.

Eye contact makes me super uncomfortable

I’m flattered that you want to stare at my while I’m getting sweaty, but if I look up and our eyes meet then its just a little weird.

Damn right I’m proud of what I can achieve

When you catch me looking pretty smug or increasing my weight, you bet I’m feeling pretty great about it. I’ve come a long way and I’ve worked hard for what I can achieve now.

Go on, drop me a confession in the comments!

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