Shanghai Disneyland – Day 2!

Shanghai Disneyland castle

After sleeping in the comfiest beds, we were up bright and early for breakfast at 7, before catching the shuttle bus from outside the hotel to the park. With a game plan in mind, and having done Tron last night, we headed straight for the next big queue ride as soon as the park opened: Soaring Over the Horizon. Despite a supposed 60 minute wait, as well as having to deal with the queue jumpers, we were in and out within the hour!

Shanghai Disneyland

From there, we went on to Pirates of the Caribbean, which was only a 5 minute wait and still just as awesome a ride as it was yesterday – totally mind blowing! We wandered on through to behind the castle after that, and did the Voyage of the Crystal Grotto; a boat ride featuring scenes from classic princess stories, before going underneath the castle into the crystal grotto. It was a little bit Jungle Cruise-esque, minus the commentary.

Shanghai Disneyland Tangled boat

Next on the agenda was seeing the Baymax Super Exercise Expo, where Hiro and Baymax lead the audience of Tomorrowland through a Big Hero 6 inspired dance. Baymax was a real party animal! It was then time for Golden Fairytale Fanfare, the castle show, so we went to hang out in front of the castle for a bit before that begun; partly to sit down for a bit, and partly to make sure I got a good spot! The show was totally beautiful; the costumes were all amazing and the singing was a good balance of Chinese and English.

Shanghai Disneyland Golden Fairytale Fanfare

Now lunch time, we headed back to Fantasyland, stopping by the Tangled Tree Tavern – a nod to the Snuggly Duckling – so I could take a million photos, before deciding to eat at Pinocchio’s. I had Peking duck pizza, which was not only incredible, but also Mickey shaped! In the Mickey mood, it was time to go and meet the boss himself. He was suited and booted in his best Shanghai suit and we had a big hug!
That exited right by the Marvel Universe area, so we stuck our heads in – mainly so my sister could see what Captain America looked like – and ended up in a Spiderman drawing class, which actually turned out to be a Groot drawing class.. Long story short, I’m not very good at drawing Groot.

Shanghai Disneyland Marvel

With the temperature getting higher, we ducked out of the park for a little while via the little entrance to Disneytown near Tomorrowland. After a bit of air conditioning and window shopping, it was almost time for our Tron Fastpass timeslot, so back to Tomorrowland we went, only to find it was closed.. Basically, when the queue reaches its total capacity, they have to temporarily ‘close’ the ride, which means they stop anyone even entering the line, to let it work its way down a little.

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

So instead we did a quick Buzz and went to watch the parade – Mickey’s Storybook Express – which was fab but seemed to be running shorter than usual; I’ve seen photos of a few floats that we didn’t see today! By the time the parade was over, Tron had reopened, so we finally got to make use of our Fastpasses, although it was still about 40 minutes wait!

I was thoroughly sunburnt by this point, so we headed back into Disneytown so I could by all the things on the list I’d made earlier, then headed back to the hotel to aftersun up – I’m basically lobster coloured..

Today has had me a little tuckered out; it’s been a really hot day and I’ve not nearly had enough to drink so I’m not feeling 100%, so I’m signing out early tonight. We’re going to watch the nighttime show from the viewing platform at the hotel and get a proper night’s sleep so we’re raring to go for our last day tomorrow!


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