10 Reasons Magic Bands are Awesome

Technology is great sometimes. Its brought us Snapchat filters and 3D TVs, and if you’re a WDW goer, technology doesn’t get much better than your Magic Band.

Why Magic Bands are Awesome

‘Why are they so awesome?’, I hear you say. Well I’m glad you asked..

1. They’re your room key

If you’re staying on Disney property, say goodbye to the days of those plastic key cards that you could never put into the slot right the first time round.

2. They’re your credit card

Leave your wallet in the room, you can link your credit card to this colourful little accessory and not have to carry cash at all!

3. They’re re-sizeable

If your little ones find the band a little on the large side, you can remove the grey outer strip (like the red band in the photo!) to take away some of the bulk and make it more fitted to smaller wrists!

4. They’re customisable

As well as being able to choose the colour of your Magic Band, you can also purchase different style from the parks, or customise your own with stickers and cute little charms. Back in January, I turned Dad’s magic band into a monorail using My Fantasy Bands vinyl stick-ons

5. They’re collectable

If you stay in a Disney resort on every trip, you’ll get a new band every trip! Having a band in every colour is a dream of mine – not all the ones in the photo are mine!

6. They’re reusable

You can link bands from your previous trips to your new reservations! My lovely friend Sarah re-uses all of hers so she can match them to her outfits, ha!

7. They’re your Photopass

If you decide to buy a Photopass, or have a Memory Maker linked to your reservation, this can all be set up on your band for quick and easy photo zapping.

8. They’re your Fastpass

No more losing your little paper Fastpasses, its all saved to your band!

9. They’re waterproof

Yes! No having to worry about wearing them in the shower or the pool, so you can float around the lazy river worry free!

10. They make great souvenirs

Once your trip is over, the band is all yours to do with as you wish! I keep mine displayed in my bedroom!

When is your next Disney trip?

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