A Month of Long Distance

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On the day my last post went live, Matthew asked me to officially be his girlfriend, making today a somewhat bittersweet one month anniversary; a month of being together, when we’ve spent the whole time apart.

Girlfriend – now that’s a job role I’m really good at. And trust me, its a lot easier saying ‘my boyfriend is working in New Zealand’ than ‘oh, I’m just waiting around for some guy I’ve been on two dates with’. That being said, I don’t think he was ever just some guy..

I can’t pretend for a second we’re like any other couple reaching their first month; instead of living in the moment, we’re looking forward to the day we don’t have 11,500 miles between us. In many ways though, we’re totally normal. I love hearing about his day and we keep each other up late texting and wind each other up.. I keep wanting to write that its easy but it isn’t. We miss each other every day and some days its a real struggle, but we’re still there for each other through it all and he never fails to make me smile, even when I’m letting the world get to me.

All I can say is thank god for technology. I can’t imagine doing this without it; I think Dear John would have been a much different story if Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum had Skype. Thank you Whatsapp, thank you FaceTime, thank you Snapchat. There’s not a day we don’t use at least one of these. We’ve got into a good routine now: I try and take more late shifts at work because morning here/evening there is when we generally get the most time, but we make all the time we can.

I actually feel like this first month has flown by, probably helped by spending two weeks in China to keep me distracted! We’re halfway to the halfway point – that sounds better than 3 months to go, right? What’s more important though is that we’re both in this for the long haul. A month ago I had no regrets, and that stands true today.

On a little side note, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented on the last post. I had so many kind words from people who have been through similar situations, and people supporting me and it means so much!

Three months to go!

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