Blogger Respect

When having to put myself into a single blogging category, I go for the slight cop-out broad grouping of lifestyle blogger. Quite honestly, I feel like I ramble on about way too many different things to describe my blog more specifically, but I also don’t feel specialised enough on any of the topics I write about (apart from Disney obvs haha) to put myself into a group of people who really know what they’re talking about.

I have a huge respect for other bloggers, no matter what they write about, we’re all slogging away at the same thing in our own styles and at our own paces, and whether you’ve got 2 readers or 2,000, its still a huge deal to be putting yourself out there on the internet for the world to see, so I want to tell you all just how much I respect you.

Beauty bloggers – You guys are flawless, quite literally. I had mad respect for your skills because while I’m not awful with makeup, if you were to ask me to contour or tell you what kind of foundation to wear based on your skin type, you’d see a Lottie-shaped hole in the wall. Also I can’t imagine how much blogging must cost you!

Book bloggers – I’ve always loved reading, but dreaded the book reviews I’d have to write at school, so the fact that you lot can write these daily/weekly whatever absolutely marvels me – in a good way! You’re also always so passionate about reading and I think that’s such a wonderful thing.

Craft/DIY bloggers – Creative people are amazing; your ability to think of something in your head and be able to not only translate that into a physical thing, but also explain exactly how you did it so others can replicate it blows my mind! I love crafting, but I generally make one-off masterpieces that fail miserably when I attempt to replicate it, ha!

Fashion bloggers – How do you always look so good?! Like seriously, you’re all so stylish and you inspire so many people and I also love how while you’re all blogging fashion, there’s so much variety! I have so my respect for how much confidence you must have too!

Film/TV bloggers – I love seeing how passionate you lot are about your favourite films and shows. You also manage to see so much more than what everyone else does, truly analysing the underlying messages and hidden meanings in everything. I could never put together my thoughts as well as you do!

Fitness bloggers – I dabble in fitness writing, but you fit bunch are so inspiring! You’re healthy way of life and positive attitudes are so motivational – I wanna work out with you! Your blogs are always true extensions of your lives and the perseverance that you show day in, day out is something I really admire in you.

Food bloggers – Not only do you make food that makes me want to lick my screen, but you take amazing photos of your dishes, which takes real skill. Your ability to put together an incredible meal and make it look like its from a top rated restaurant, while using ingredients solely from Lidl is outstanding – hats off to the chef!

Parenting bloggers – SO MUCH RESPECT. I can barely hold my own life together while keeping up with blogging, but you do it while having little people to look after too?! You really open up your lives to your readers, and get pretty personal sometimes which must take so much courage and did I mention you’re all awesome parents!?

Pet bloggers – I love how much you guys love your pets. It makes me love your pets too, and restores my faith in humanity when I see animals so well cared for. You devote all your spare time to your little (or large!) bundles of fluff/scales/feathers and I think that’s adorable and you’re awesome.

Photography bloggers – A picture is worth a thousand words and your photos are amazing. I don’t think many people know just how much work can go into one photo, and how many decisions you have to make: what camera, which lense, how to frame the shot, is the lighting good enough? Quite frankly anyone that doesn’t use the Auto setting on their camera amazes me but you guys are adding so much beauty to the internet.

Student bloggers – Sure I have to fit blogging around a job, but I can’t imagine fitting it around university and coursework or dissertations or research etc – you’re incredible! You also always seem to have the best cost-cutting tips which I always find very helpful, and I always end up feeling incredibly proud when you get your results haha!

Travel bloggers – You get my wanderlust going crazy. I’m amazed at how you always find the most beautiful places, and inspire me to go places I’d never thought about before, and let’s be honest, its not exactly a cheap blog subject! Keep exploring guys, you rock!

and a bonus.. Vloggers – Not only am I massively jealous of how confident you must be to talk into a camera, but also the amount of patience you have for editing videos and understanding YouTube – something I’m totally useless at!

I know I’ve only covered a small handful of blogging niches, but all bloggers are amazing – don’t you forget it!

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6 thoughts on “Blogger Respect

  1. I don’t belong to any of these niches because I blog just about the most random things I could think of, but I personally like to place myself under the travel, books and life category because that’s what’s mainly my blog about. I enjoyed reading this one, girl! xx

  2. LOVE this, blogging is a hobby but is damn hard work sometimes too, especially when fitting the rest of our lives around it all. I’m amazed by how organised everyone seems to be when it comes to blogging, most of the time I’m writing my posts on the day I need to post them ha ha (like today), I just don’t know how people do it!

    Definitely with you on the fact of us putting ourselves out there on the internet, too.. That’s something that I found terrifying when I tried a blog out for all of a few days years ago, I still find it hard to process the fact now that there’s actually people out there reading what I have to post, it’s crazy and so personal. For somebody who’s always usually so closed off from other’s it’s so strange for me. I definitely wouldn’t change it though, blogging is by far the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done!

    I think it’s so lovely that you’ve created a post dedicated to other bloggers out there and recognising how epic we all are for it, in a world full of other’s bringing one another down this really shows a beautiful personality! xx

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