My Beauty Confessions

I’m back again for another monthly rendition of confessions, yay!

I hope everyone else likes these posts as much as I do, its so therapeutic writing them and I really do love a good bit of banter with myself. If I make myself laugh that’s all that matters right?

My Beauty Confessions

Quite often I really fail as a girl, and beauty is an area where I would consider myself to be pretty weak, and I don’t mean that in a ‘I’m not pretty’ way, I just mean that I’m generally quite unskilled in terms of makeup and sometimes I don’t brush my hair. Ready? Let’s confess!

Foundation is the biggest faff

Finding one that matches my skin, then bothering to blend it out and make sure I didn’t miss the random bits by my temples that I always seem to forget about. Just ugh, my skin is ok enough..

Sometimes I clean my brushes with micellar water

Or a makeup wipe. I know its probably really bad and its only ever a quick fix, but it just makes my life easier to give them a quick rub and dry and be on my way again.

I only started bothering to do my brows a few months ago

And I still don’t do them often. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessive with tweezers so they’re always in pretty good shape, but going through the daily routine of filling them in and making sure they’re balanced (they never are, just FYI) can all be too much sometimes

I’m useless with concealer

I feel like this is the one thing that everyone should be good at if nothing else, but I just seem to highlight the dark circles under my eyes rather than covering them. Please someone teach me.

I don’t own a single lip liner

Considering I am a perpetual lipstick buyer, this one’s a shock to a lot of people. Lipstick and lip balm are absolute staples of mine, but I generally won’t buy anything else lip related.

I also don’t own a black eyeliner pencil

Liquid liner, yes, but pencil? Nope! I probably have every other colour under the sun; I tell people I went through a phase of only wearing coloured eyeliners, which is a lie because I never grew out of it and still do to this day..

Sometimes I use highlighter on my whole face

To be specific, my Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights highlighter. It makes me feel sparkly.

I don’t use primer

I rarely use any product on my face

Most of the time I put on makeup, its just for funsies

Sometimes I just sit and put on makeup, then take it all off again. Quite honestly, I need the practice.

If its late and I’m tired/drunk, I won’t take my makeup off before crashing into bed

And in the morning, I’ll often just patch it up to make myself presentable rather than taking it off. Classy, right?

Ok, I’m ready to be banished from girl world now..

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