Why Should You Be Supporting Small Businesses?

Although I don’t talk about it much, I’ve been in the world of small business since I was 16, and its one that involves a load of hard work – most of which is done behind the scenes – and dedication; I admire all small business owners so much.

The problem with people today is that we like easy, and we like cheap, and larger chain companies have introduced us to a world of convenience whereby we start to turn our nose up at spending a little more for a quality product or service from a local provider, but this attitude needs adjusting a little.

So why shop small?

Everyone has to start small

Unless you’ve got Lord Sugar banging down your door to drop £250,000 into your startup company, every business starts from the ideas of people. By taking a chance on a small business, you could help that hairdresser who washes your hair in her kitchen sink open a proper salon in town.

You’re paying salaries, not CEOs

Small business owners work tirelessly – well over standard trading hours no doubt, and when they don’t make money, they don’t earn anything; there’s no safety net, so when you turn your nose up because you can get those vegetables 10p cheaper from Asda, just think how much better you’d feel knowing that you’re helping that lovely green-grocer make his living, rather than adding to the annual bonus of supermarket CEOs.

You’re making dreams come true

Want to see true passion in a person? Talk to a small business owner. These are people who have taken a huge leap of faith because they believe in what they do and they love doing it every day, and every happy customer serves as a reminder that they are doing what they’re meant to be.

You get to know the people

Part of the joy of buying from small businesses is the communication, whether it be discussing your order or a little thank you note in your parcel, and I love talking to the person behind the product!

I could go on, but instead of reading my reasons, why not go and have a look at some of these fab businesses:

Shop small!

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