August Highlights!

This is my 500th post, eek!

Another month, another favourites post! As per usual, I’m not sure where the month has gone – August has really been a bit of an odd month for me, stuck between post-holiday blues and looking forward to my trip next month, and I’ve spent most of my time at work so everything else has taken a bit of a backseat.. That said, this month has had its highlights!

August Highlights

Time with my girls

A semi spur of the moment trip to the beach with two of my best friends was exactly what I needed this month; sun, sea, food and Disney talk was what the doctor ordered.

Finding Dory

The long-awaited Pixar sequel really hit the spot! I LOVED IT.

Poprageous sample sale scores

I’ve been kinda obsessed with Poprageous ever since I discovered the brand and placed my first order a few month ago, so when they announced that they’d be selling off some of their samples and old stock on Depop I was determined to get something good. I missed out on the first few good’uns, but finally got some incredible Captain America leggings and a Pacman swimsuit – both total bargains!

Depop sales

I’ve made an attempt this month to declutter a little, and have managed to sell a load of stuff through Depop to make some money back! I’ve still got loads going if anyone’s interested, my username is lottiem94 🙂

Disney planning!

Everyone knows that Disney planning brings me a lot of joy, and this month as well as booking ADRs for my Disney World trip in February, I’ve been deciding outfits for Disneyland Paris in September, and starting to think about outfits for my trips next year!

How was August for you?

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