Ways I Fail as a Girl

I don’t know whether it was the massive tomboy stage I went through as a child, or the fact that I work on a team of all guys, but sometimes I feel like I really fail as a girl.

Ways I Fail as a Girl

This is weird, because I have a lot of girlish tendencies, but I guess no one’s perfect, and what’s the point of having imperfections if you can’t take the mick out of yourself for them, right?

I ladder 99% of tights on their first wear

I’ve actually given up buying nice tights, because I can guarantee the second I drop £10 on a pair they’ll get a ladder just looking at me.

I can’t do heels

I get major green monster syndrome when I see people kicking butt in heels all day without the need for blister plasters or 3 days of recovery afterwards!

I never buy perfume

It kinda just feels like an unnecessary expense, especially seeing as I work somewhere that I can only describe as dirty and smelly, so I’ll generally ask for it as birthday/Christmas presents if I’m in need.

My hair game is weak

A morning brush is pretty much all my hair will get in a day aside from washing. This is partially to do with the fact that I have very well behaved hair that doesn’t require much care and attention, but primarily due to laziness..

I use phrases like ‘sweating balls’ and ‘MATE’

I blame this entirely on my team at work. I’m definitely just considered to be ‘one of the guys’ and am treated as such, which I don’t mind in the slightest but it has done interesting things to my vocabulary.

I rarely enjoy going out to shop

Every now and then I’ll go out on a shopping trip, but I’m a serial online shopper. Next day delivery, no judgemental sales assistants and being able to do it in my onesie? Yes please.

I only watched The Notebook for the first time this year

Nicholas Sparks doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I’ve never read any of his books, and I’ve only seen a handful of the films based on them, and d’you know what? I didn’t really cry at any of them..

I never carry painkillers

Rookie mistake; I’m forever the person that has to ask around for paracetamol.

I’m not ladylike in the slightest

I’m clumsy, I spill things and I fart, soz..

Anyone else fail?

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10 thoughts on “Ways I Fail as a Girl

  1. This made me giggle so much louder than is acceptable on public transport! I also ladder my tights on a regular basis and fart much more than I should….but I do it whilst wearing a face mask….this counts as ladylike right?
    Jess @ JuicyyyJesss

  2. hahaha! I fail at being a girl too….
    Life is too short to be uncomfortable in heels and faffing with my hair. lol
    I’ve never seen The Notebook…..I don’t fancy watching it either. Oops.

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