Five Things that Happened While I Read The Cursed Child

This post contains mild spoilers!

The Cursed Child

When The Cursed Child was announced, I had mixed feelings. I avoided spoilers (which is a real talent of mine) and thought long and hard about whether or not I’d want to read the book based on some of the thoughts and feelings I had seen on Twitter.

I heard complaints about the format of the book as a script, there was moaning about the fact that JK didn’t write it herself, and of course there are people absolutely refusing to read it until they’ve seen the play, and there was me in the middle of it all. If I’m being honest, I didn’t really feel all that into the idea.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Potter fan and always have been, but for some reason The Cursed Child didn’t fill me with any excitement, until I opened the cover..

1. I felt the joy of returning to Hogwarts

From the opening scene I felt like I’d been transported back to my childhood, where starting the next HP book gave me uncontrollable feelings of excitement.

2. I felt my heart break

As the years flash by and we watch Albus drift further and further away from his family and the situation spiralled into unhappiness, I honestly felt for the poor guy..

3. There was audible gasping

Plots twisting more than the Whomping Willow, shock revelations.. On more than one occasion there were verbal reactions.

4. Major anxiety 

There is nothing that stresses me out more than uncertainty of outcomes, and I was totally incapable of putting the book down until I knew everything was going to be ok.

5. Tears, just so many tears..

That ending. I was sobbing..

I read the whole book in two sittings: part one and part two. In fact, I’m almost certain that had I not needed to be up for work early the morning after I started it I probably would have stayed up all night to finish it in one go. The layout of the story didn’t bother me in the slightest; the fact that it was set up like a proper script didn’t make the reading of it any more difficult so I don’t really understand why some people had problems with it. I had no prior expectations of the storyline, so I could completely immerse myself, and the fact is, I thought it was brilliant.

Where do you stand on The Cursed Child?

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2 thoughts on “Five Things that Happened While I Read The Cursed Child

  1. I thought it was good. I think you need to think of it as something different to the books, because it’s not a book, it’s a play, so you need to leave the expectations of it being just like all the previous books behind. Sometimes it was a bit fluffy – but again, its a play, it isn’t supposed to be full of detail, the detail is supposed to be seen. I think it would be wonderful to watch and hope one day i’ll get the chance!

    • Yeah, I’d love to see the play one day to see how it matches up, but as I don’t think that’ll happen soon I didn’t want to miss out on knowing the story!

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