Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

Ok, I know Autumn doesn’t officially start for a few more days, but why can’t the seasons just fit around my blogging schedule? I joke, of course..

I’m seeing so many people getting excited for Autumn – I’ve even seen some people who have been wishing away Summer in exchange for Autumn! I am not one of those people.

Autumn is an interesting one for me. It obviously contains my birthday, and starts the run up to Christmas (MY FAVE), but other than that, I don’t get excited about all the things that gets the rest of the world buzzed for; the Starbucks menu, Halloween etc..

But I like to keep things positive, so here are a few things that this season brings:


I could quite happily wear my onesies all the time, but its just way too hot in the summer, so the autumn weather brings onesie season back!

Chelsea boots

I bought my first pair of chelsea boots last year and completely fell in love with them, so its time to go out leaf crunching in these beauties!

Tomato soup

As soon as the weather starts to get cooler, I ditch my lunchbox in exchange for my microwaveable soup mug and start buying Heinz Cream of Tomato in bulk..

Carving pumpkins

While I wouldn’t consider myself as Halloween’s biggest fan, I do love carving pumpkins – last year I did four!

Running conditions

I HATE running through the summer, but autumn has just the right combination of cool breezes and sunshine and as long as the rain stays at bay I’m a happy runner!

Christmas creeping up!

I know most people hate how early Christmas appears in the shops, but Christmas is truly my favourite time of year and it gets me so so soo excited!

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?

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5 thoughts on “Hello Autumn

  1. I absolutely love Autumn but it isn’t for the typical reasons that everyone else gets excited! I like the prospect of change, it feels like a season where you could reinvent yourself completely! 🙂 xxx


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