I Quit My Job

Yep, the title gives the game away a little..

If you keep up with my Twitter, firstly bless you, I’m a real rambler and mainly tweet absolute rubbish, but more importantly, you’ll have seen that I not only had a very exciting job interview last week, but I’ve been invited back for a second interview/initial training this coming week, eeek!

You’re probably trying to put two and two together right now and getting three. I don’t know if I’ve got the job yet, but I’ve still handed in my 2 week notice at work; you’re thinking this is a silly move, right? Well yes, its risky, but the reason for handing in my notice was two-fold.

For starters, I need to be able to start training for my new job next week, so in order to serve a 2 week notice, I had to hand it in when I did, but the major factor was this: I wasn’t happy, and haven’t been for a little while now.

This is a job that I’ve been at for four years now. It was meant to be a temporary income-bringer while I figured out the next phase of my life, but I got comfortable, and if I’m being totally frank, I was good at my job and I liked that. I developed and progressed through the ranks of staff, and while I loved a little moan here and a funny annoying customer story there, I was, on the whole pretty ok with where I was.

Like all people, I’ve been through ‘I hate my job’ periods, but in recent months that’s been my constant feeling for many reasons, and I’m not going to get into all of them, but with the possibility of the new job looming, I decided to take the plunge and call it a day. It may seem naive, but even if I’m not successful at my second interview this week, I still feel like I’ve made the right decision; I struggle a lot with change and periods of uncertainty, so it wasn’t easy and it was a big step for me.

So yeah.. I’m really nervous about my interview this week, but also super excited about the possibility of getting the job as I think it will be so much fun, and if I don’t then I think it was still a good thing for me to get out of my current job and I’ll have to work out my next move!

Has anyone else been in a situation like this? I’d love some positive words!

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