Things to Do in Bournemouth in Autumn

Despite often classifying myself as a travel blogger, a person who writes about places, I’ve never actually written a post about my hometown.

Famous for its award-winning beach, Bournemouth is an obvious destination during the summer, but just because we’re waving goodbye to the days of dipping our toes in the sea and deciding its far too cold to go any deeper, it doesn’t mean we’ve gotta sit around twiddling our thumbs until the sun makes another warm appearance next year.

Molly’s Den

Molly’s Den is a cornucopia of hidden gems under one enormous roof. Its an antique shop, vintage fair, art gallery and furniture showroom all rolled into one, kinda like an awesome indoor flea market. With its cute little coffee shop and endless maze of stalls and stock, you can easily turn a trip here into at least a half-day’s entertainment.

The Big Smart Quiz at Sixty Million Postcards

Every Sunday evening, grab a bunch of know-it-all friends and head down to 60MPC for the Big Smart Quiz at 8pm. Get down there early to snag a good table, order amazing burgers and think of a witty team name, and you’re all set for an awesome chilled and sometimes super-tense night where you could walk away with a wad of cash if you win!

Visit the penguins

If you are still heading in the direction of the beach, stop off at Bournemouth Oceanarium to meet its newest residents, 10 Humboldt penguins who joined the oceanarium gang in 2015.

Take a trip to Moors Valley

Put on some wellies and wrap yourself up for a day of leaf crunching and tree-top-trailling! Pack a picnic or treat yourself to a hot meal from the cafe while you warm back up from your outdoor adventuring.

Go to the beach anyway!

Just cos its not 20C+, doesn’t mean the beach is any less beautiful, plus its a lot quieter! Ok, so you don’t have to strip down to a bikini and lay out on the sand, but its a pretty, peaceful walk and sea air is good for you!

Fancy a day out?

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