Long Distance Marshmallows

That’s right, its been another month, and I’ve got you hooked with that title, right? The story goes a little bit like this:

Not long after our last update, Matthew wasn’t feeling well and I wanted to do something to cheer him up. He’s got a thing for oatmeal and raisin cookies (a flaw I’m willing to overlook), but while I searched the internet for companies that would deliver cookies to New Zealand, cookie quality can vary from excellent to pretty poor, and instead of taking the risk of sending bad cookies, I decided instead to turn to Boomf. I’m a serious love of marshmallows, and ever since Boomf came on the scene a few years back I’ve been searching for a reason to place an order, and this seemed like the perfect time.

Turns out ordering marshmallows for someone else made me really want marshmallows too, so naturally I turned to Twitter to vent my feelings. I frequently tweet things without thinking about people actually reading them, but it turns out Matthew did. Yep, matching marshmallows!

As well as adorable like-mindedness, we’ve taken a pretty big step towards ultimate couple goals: a joint Pinterest board. Its a place for us to share ideas for all our future adventures; planning ahead makes the wait a little better. You might have also seen that I finally managed to put together a collection of our New Zealand memories in a little shadow box frame (post here!), which I love and I think I’ll be doing with many future trips!

Other than that, its been a fairly quiet month for the two of us. Between the time difference, Matthew’s flights and my work situation, we’ve not always been able to talk as much as we usually do; there’s been a lot of missing each other as a result.. But we’ve survived another month, and that’s another month closer to being back together!

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