The Disney Halloween Gift Exchange

Its no secret that I’m pretty gutted I’m not going to Disneyland Paris for the Halloween Soiree, but I was really excited when the lovely Hannah from Courage and Kindness announced she’s be organising a Halloween gift exchange – kinda like a spooky secret Santa – I was so up for it!

And while I sorted getting the gift for my recipient a few weeks before the deadline, I then promptly forgot about it, so when a mysterious parcel arrived with my name on it, I suddenly became super excited, and rightly so..

Disney Halloween Gift Exchange

I received an amazing pile of goodies from the lovely Amber (@judddddddddd on Twitter) including some awesome Lion King socks, the Lush pumpkin bath bomb and a spooky black Yankee Candle, not to mention a huge amount of Halloween confetti which attacked me as I opened the package, haha! I was honestly so grateful for such a fabulous present!

I was given Nicola to buy for – which was kinda perfect because she had me for Secret Santa last year! I wanted to keep to the spooky side of gift buying as much as possible, so I got Once Upon a Dream from the Twisted Tales collection as I know she’s a big Sleeping Beauty fan. I also found this amazing Disney Villians tote bag and topped it off with a semi-spooky Mickey Mouse design card from Redbubble.

Disney Halloween Gift Exchange

The whole thing was a lot of fun, especially as I don’t do much to celebrate Halloween! It’s also such a great way to bring people together, so a big thank you to Hannah for organising it!

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