My Love of Gilmore Girls

My Love of Gilmore Girls

With its recent release on Netflix, and the upcoming re-visit to Stars Hollow coming to our screens soon, the world has suddenly become obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I couldn’t be more happy about this for two reasons. Firstly, I can now binge-watch one of my all time favourite tv programmes – yay! – but more importantly, because now the internet is full of people I can talk to about it.

I first started watching Gilmore Girls when I was 14. It used to be on E4 during weekdays and I stumbled across it during a school holiday once, and quickly became hooked, needing to record two episodes a day, 5 days a week once I was back at school. I joined the programme midway through an early season; somewhere between Rory and Dean and Rory and Jess, so some of the history and earlier references were a little lost on me, but after months and months of ticking through to the end of season 7, the rotation started again, and I could finally fill in the missing pieces of the story.

Through the years since then, I’ve caught various snippets of the show as it made appearances on other tv channels, and it never got old. It goes without saying the Lorelai and Rory are two of the funniest, most relateable characters to have graced our screens, and their lives having provided endless entertainment for me, and as the Twittersphere is finally getting in on this brilliant thing, I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts from throughout the show.

I always rooted for Rory and Jess

I remember one time Jess made an appearance in a later series, and I actually squealed with excitement when Milo Ventimiglia popped up in the opening credits. Even when Logan was on the scene, and I did like him, there will always be a little part of me wishing that things with Jess had worked out.

There are no characters that I hate

You know how in every series on tv, there’s that one character where you’re like ‘ugh, get off my screen’? I DON’T HAVE ONE.

I identify with Rory more than Lorelai

I know some people feel very Lorelai, but I’m Rory all over.

I felt a little let down when Lorelai and Christopher got married

Its not uncommon opinion that Chris was never really the guy for Lorelai, but when they actually got married I kinda lost a little faith in her. I mean why..?

Paul Anka is the best

I mean, everyone who’s had a dog knows that they all have weird little quirks, and while they may not be a fear of key lime pie, they can be super strange and we all pander to them. Even the dog is relateable!

I just love this show..

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