Getting Serious with Skincare

I am super lazy when it comes to skincare. Really, I’m the worst, but I’m trying to change that.

Skincare Routine

I’ve always justified my laziness with things like ‘I have pretty good skin naturally’ and ‘I don’t need to worry because I hardly ever wear makeup’, but recently I’ve come to realise that just because my skin is normally pretty good, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still look after it, and as wearing makeup is becoming more of a daily occurrence, I’ve been trying to get into a better routine with skincare.


I got a Magnitone Barefaced last Christmas, and while I loved it and used it daily for the first few months, the laziness crept back and I kept forgetting about it. No more! I’m now back using it for two minutes every morning (although I need some new brush heads!), followed by my Nivea day cream – for some reason the gap between my eyebrows always gets really dry after washing!


Although I use it on occasion, I try to avoid covering my whole face with foundation. I use Nars All Day Luminous, which is really light, but I can rarely be bothered with it and that’s probably a good thing for my skin! I normally stick to cheeks, eyes and lips, just enough to give me a happy little glow. When it comes to makeup removal, I stick to micellar water.


As cliche as it seems, the only thing I do during the day to keep my skin healthy is making sure I drink plenty of water!


Each night, after I’ve taken off my makeup, I turn to my favourite Lush combo: 9 to 5 cleanser, and Breath of Fresh Air toner. It clears any makeup that I may have missed, and leaves me skin feeling fresh, clear, and ready for a good night of beauty sleep!

This whole routine probably adds no more than 15 minutes to my day, if that, so its hardly causing any bother and a little self-care never hurt anyone!

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