Top 10 Most Underrated Disney Characters


With over 50 animated classics filled with amazing characters, its easy for some to slip through the net when people think about their favourites.

This makes me kinda sad, especially as some of these absolute gems have disappeared from the Disney parks, while some didn’t even get their chance, so in honour of these forgotten wonders, here are my top 10:

1. Meeko

I frequently talk about my love of Meeko. As a kid, Pocahontas was one of my favourite films, purely for Meeko, and I once was so excited to meet him in WDW that I practically tackled him to the floor.

2. Esmeralda

Hunchback was another film I loved as a kid, and I had a toy set which included an Esmeralda doll. As an adult, I now obviously see the darker side of that film, but I still think she’s fab.

3. Oliver

I fell in love with Oliver and Company from the first watch as a child, and Oliver is just the cutest and most underrated of all the Disney kitties

4. Kida (and Milo)

Atlantis in general is totally underrated in my opinion, and the fact that Kida is forgotten as a Disney princess, despite having the title really gets to me sometimes. Also Milo is awesome.

5. Princess Eilonwy

The Black Cauldron terrified me and my sister when we were kids, but I always like Eilonwy. I finally watched the film again for the first time since my childhood last year, and its still pretty dark, but I’m happy to have gotten over my fear!

6. Nani

This is a big one for me. While so many people adore Lilo and Stitch, they totally look past the fact that this is a sister who has lost her parents, and is trying to do absolutely everything she can to keep custody of her little sister so her life doesn’t have to change any more than it already has. SHE IS EVERYTHING.

8. Pacha

Another ultimate family person right here. Just always doing the right thing, no matter the sacrifice for himself

9. Gus Gus

Wouldn’t Gus and Jaq make the cutest character meets?! I mean, you can meet Suzie and Perla, so why not the boy mice?

10. Dot

I had to throw a Pixar character in here too, but I do really love Dot as she’s so cute and a little bit sassy!

Who are your faves?

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Underrated Disney Characters

  1. Oh I loved this post, you chose some amazing characters – especially Pacha – he was such a good guy, especially with Kuzco’s shenanigans. He had the patience of a saint! I love Dot too, she was so sweet and her belief in Flick was always admirable, she always knew he’d do great things. Loved seeing Nani on here too, she was an amazing sister to Lilo and always did the best thing for her. So nice to see Princess Eilonwy here too, The Black Cauldron is such an underrated film, it’s genius! – Tasha

  2. Aww these are fantastic! Out of the list I’ve only ever met Meeko, I remember in WDW you could meet Marie from Aristocats but she was only around for such a small amount of time, I missed my chance, gutted! haha. I didn’t realise there was still so many to meet haha! I’ll have to keep my eye open for them in future!


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