The Lush Products I Will Buy Again and Again

Lush skincare and haircare

I’ve been talking a lot recently about seasonal Lush products, so I thought today I’d share with you the bog-standard (if you can even call them that!) items need near constant replenishment for me!

1 and 2. Jumping Juniper shampoo bar and American Cream conditioner

Jumping Juniper was actually one of the first Lush products I ever tried, and although I’ve tried a few other shampoo bars, this is the one that does it for me! Combined with American Cream, its a total game-changer. I used to think my hair was ‘difficult’ because I had to wash it every day to keep it looking nice, but these two have my hair looking great for 2-3 days at a time, and I don’t get that greasy full-of-product feeling that regular branded shampoo and conditioner give me.

3. Rub Rub Rub shower scrub

This is everything! Its a scrub, but it also foams up and its got great moisturising qualities, it smells amazing and works wonders! As well as using it on my body, once every 1-2 weeks I’ll also use it in my hair as an alternative to conditioner – might sound crazy but I love it!

4 and 5. 9 to 5 cleanser and Breath of Fresh Air toner

Lush pros might see this combo as a little basic, but if it works, right? 9 to 5 is just super soothing and makes my skin feel totally clean, and the scent of Breath of Fresh Air at the end of the day just makes me feel ready for a good night of beauty sleep

6. The Comforter shower gel

I love The Comforter everything, but as I’m more of a shower person than a bath person, the shower gel means I can enjoy the amazing smell every day. Its pink, its pretty and it smells like all things yummy!

7. Brightside bubble bar

This is one of the prettiest bubble bars in my eyes, and as I’m a fan or fruity over floral, this is a bar I’ll reach for again and again. I’m also a bubble bar over bath bomb person!

8. Avobath

I don’t know how Lush do it, but they’ve made a bath bomb that simultaneously wakes me up and calms me down in Avobath. The avocado oil gets my skin feel super soft and moisturised and its just a great all-rounder.

What are your go-to Lush products?

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