Christmas Presents I Don’t Like Receiving

Christmas Presents

I don’t ever like to be ungrateful, but I’m sure that everyone has those items that mean you’ve got to pull out that well-practiced false ‘thank you, I love it’ face while inside you’re thinking ‘WHYYY’, right?

So for Christmas giggles, here are mine:


I don’t have my ears pierced anymore, but when I did (and now I’m considering getting them pierced again), I was very particular about what I did and didn’t like – what I didn’t like being the majority of the ones I ever received. I appreciate the gesture, but unless you know me well enough, I’d love a gift receipt included..

Baking equipment

I do a lot of baking, and most people who know me know that. The problem is, I already have everything baking related under the sun, and I do not need another set of silicone cupcake cases thank you.

Generic bath sets

I understand the appeal of the Boots 3 for 2, but tiny bottles of nondescript shower gel and a loofer just end up being forgotten about, or stack up in the bathroom only to be used when travelling hand luggage only.

Christmas only items

It could be the cutest little Christmas gift, but to be honest I’ll just be sad that I won’t get to enjoy it for much longer before it has to go away for another year.


I love mugs, but again, I’m very particular with the mugs I like. I also have way too many..

Books I can’t read

You know those novelty picture books or kinda funny quotes or poems that you just know are gonna sit on a bookshelf gathering dust because you’ll flick through it once and never need to pick it up again – get me a book I can read!!

What presents make you wish they’d included a receipt?

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Presents I Don’t Like Receiving

  1. Receipts would be handy if anyone ever gave me earrings or any kind of metal jewellery. I’ve really sensitive skin and react easily to cheaply made, fashion statement jewellery so I can only wear proper gold, white gold, sterling silver… etc that are sold from reputable jewellers, and a lot of people forget that. My grandmother is the worst offender, despite mine and my father’s attempt at reasoning, and the jewellery she buys me always ends up going in a drawer, never to be worn, or it’s worn once round the rim of a polo neck jumper so it doesn’t touch my skin.

  2. Oh the well practiced “yeah I looooove this, thank you!” face hahah, I know it so well! I always always get given pyjamas at Christmas time and I have so many pairs now that I’ve asked everyone not to buy me them in future! I also don’t like novelty flip-through books, they are quite dull! Like you say, gimmie something I can read!!

    Abbey 😁

  3. Socks 😉 People insist on buying my fiance socks, and he has a whole drawer just bursting at the seams with socks already! Please, no more socks. Haha. Also, books. I read and own so many books it’s dangerous to buy me a book, I’ll probably already have it/read it. Just a gift voucher for a bookstore will do!

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