A 7 Day Kindness Calendar

Kindness Calendar

I’m always looking for ways I can be a better person, and nothing makes me happier than when I can make other people smile.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a little schedule of the things I can do to spread some happiness online, and as much as possible I’ll be trying to stick to it, as well as doing extra things as and when!

As much as possible:

  • Try to cheer up anyone who’s upset
  • Wish people happy birthdays
  • Promote and support my friends
  • Be super nice to retail workers – especially at Christmas!
  • Put my change in charity pots

Every day:

  • Follow two new people on Twitter and Instagram
  • Retweet another blogger’s post
  • Compliment someone on their outfit
  • Like the first 10 photos on your Instagram feed, and comment on at least two
  • Retweet or share any post about a good cause or charity

Every other day:

  • Follow 3 new blogs on Bloglovin
  • Comment on two blog posts
  • Tell someone they’re pretty

Twice a week:

  • Share a small business
  • Randomly tweet someone something I love about them
  • Remind someone how awesome they are

Every week:

  • Treat someone at work to a coffee
  • Either do #FF or #SundayBlogShare tweets for at least 10 people

Join me and spread the positivity! What do you do?

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