Long Distance – The Last Leg

For those of you who have followed this story from the very beginning, I’m pleased to say that this will be the last long distance post I’ll have to write!

While its been a lot longer than we originally anticipated, Matthew will be home in less than a month! I’m not gonna lie, its a huge weight off my chest knowing when he’ll be back, and I’m so excited for that date to come around, but knowing how soon it is is making me super impatient!

Despite not being able to be together for Christmas, and missing his birthday next week, I’ve tried really hard to make sure that the two celebrations haven’t been forgotten, bombarding him with care packages: more Boomf goodies, as well as a box of Christmas goodies and a sneak peak at his birthday present – he’s not allowed to open that envelope yet though!

I, on the other hand, got my Christmas presents sent directly from the Disney Store – do I have the best boyfriend or what?


Knowing that we’re coming to the end of this time apart is such a relief, and we’re already starting to plan all our little adventures for when he’s home! Stay tuned!

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