Desert Island Makeup

Desert Island Beauty

I’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter recently asking things like ‘If you could only use one eye palette, what would it be?’, and it got me thinking about all of the beauty products that I would choose above the rest – desert island makeup, as it were.


NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Alaska – I have two different NARS foundations, but this one is by far my favourite because while my skin can go from dry to oily in the blink of an eye, this goes on without a hitch and stays all day.


Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent – this powder is an absolute godsend for preventing shine and it lasts so well!


Freedom Makeup Pro HD refill blush in 04 – I know this little pan looks fairly unimpressive as an item but I love this shade so much!


Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights in Exhale – this was one of the first highligher powders I ever bought, and its definitely my most used as its so versatile. Even if I don’t fancy doing a full face of makeup, I’ll always use highlighter!


Benefit Sun Beam – this is kind of a cheat as I use it as a highligher as well as a bronzer, but its gold so I think it counts more as a bronzer, right?


Eyeko Black Magic – while I see many beauty bloggers debating Benefit vs Urban Decay etc, I have sworn by Black Magic for the last 2 years. For me, it just looks the most natural and I never have any problems with clumping or nasty lumps.


Barry M Kohl Pencil in brown – controversially, I don’t actually own a black eyeliner pencil.. Brown just suits me a lot more and the Barry M pencils are soft and easy to apply and also to blend out.


theBalm Nude Dude palette – this is my answer to the original question, and I would happily only ever use this palette for the rest of my life if I had to. If I could only use one shade, it would be the gorgeous gold/purple Flirty!


Benefit Ka-Brow in Light 01 – Ka Brow was the first Benefit product I ever bought, and its a total winner for all-in-one brow product for me.


NYX Matte Lipstick in Euro Trash – when a lipstick this good only costs £6.50, it really makes me question why I’ve spent £15-20 on MAC ones in the past! Super smooth, non-drying and long lasting, and I just love the shade.

What are your desert island choices?

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