Balancing Blogging

Balancing Blogging and Work

Its now been almost two months since I started my new job, and being my first permanently full-time job, one of my biggest fears was being able to maintain my blogging schedule alongside my new position. Throughout 2016 I was able to consistently post 5+ times a week, and with my blog being such a big part of my life, the last thing I wanted was to have to reduce the amount of time I could put into it, so I’m really happy that I’ve managed to not only keep up with my posts, but also continue to improve and grow my blog!

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing in order to fit blogging around my 40 hour working week and still keep up appearances!

Bloglovin’ and the Bloglovin’ app

Bloglovin’ has really been my biggest obsession in the last few months. I worked really hard at the end of last year to improve my following on the site, and in doing so I’ve also fallen in love with it a lot more. Its such a great way to read all my favourite blogs without having to flick from website to website, and because it saves me time in reading blogs, I have more time to comment on other people’s posts and increase my interaction with other bloggers which I’ve been really enjoying.

Using work breaks

I’ve found that using my tea breaks and lunch breaks for little jobs, like replying to emails and posting on Instagram.

Keeping a notepad with me

I carry a notebook with me pretty much everywhere, so whenever I get a spark of inspiration I can get it down before I forget! It also means that while things are quiet at work, I can get some blog work done.

Planning and scheduling

I like to make sure I’m at least one week ahead on posts at any time, so that should I run out of time to write, I’ve always got a little bit of time! The same goes for scheduling tweets, it keeps everything ticking along nicely while I’m at work.

Bulk photo taking

When I know exactly what posts are going out in the following week, it means I can spend my weekend taking all my blog photos in one go. My work hours mean that during these winter months I’ve seen no daylight other than through a window from the office, so my weekends are the only time I have to take them!

Pacing myself

Whereas last year I wanted to post as many days as I possibly could, this year I’m reigning myself back a little, aiming for just 5 posts a week, with an occasional 6th when I can, which means I don’t have to stress too much about writing 6+ posts a week!

I’m so ready for another great year of blogging, and have set myself some goals and targets that I’d love to meet or maybe even surpass, so here goes!

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14 thoughts on “Balancing Blogging

  1. Congrats on the new job! I think I need to up my game on my posting schedule haha, 5 a week is so good! I am only managing one week 2 posts, one week 1 post, I may up the anti and try and maintain 2 a week!

  2. Great tips! I blog four times a week, three of those times on days I’m at work (I only work three days a week.) It can be hard balancing blogging with a full, or even part, time job so well done you!

  3. Good effort on keeping up with it all! I’m at uni at the moment and working 2 and a half days from home but I struggle so much to keep up with everything! Although I know a lot of that is because I’m so easily distracted… Planning and scheduling has been my saving grace, but I think if my planning was more efficient it would definitely make things easier! 5 posts a week is such great effort, you must be so proud!! xoxo


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