5 Things I Did When I Was Single

Things I Did When I Was Single

While I’m very proud to say that I’m in a happy relationship, when I look back at the last few years, I’m very grateful for the time I was single. It was a time where, cliche as it sounds, I found myself as an individual, and I will always stand by the fact that I needed that time and that experience to make me happy in my current relationship.

Between my previous relationship and my new one, I had just over a year of time to enjoy being with myself, and there are some particular things that happened in that time that stand out as being most important for me.

Travelling alone

This is probably the biggest thing I have ever done to step out of my comfort zone, and I absolutely cannot recommend it enough. Go somewhere you’ve never been and always wanted to go, and make those memories that will always remind you how awesome and independent you can be.

Work work work

I threw all my free time into my blog and small businesses, and thrived off being a proper little #girlboss. As a result, I saw my blog grow and boom, and as well as making me happy, it gave me such a sense of achievement.

Became social

While some may not see spending lots of time on social media as a good thing, I loved it. I made new friends, became part of a community of some of the loveliest people ever and learned that friendships are love too.

Set my standards

This might sound cheesy, but being alone made me realise exactly what I wanted from a relationship, and how I wasn’t prepared to settle for less than what made me happy. Spoiler alert: this works and I found the guy who is everything I wanted and more.

I stopped doubting myself

I was always the person who needed approval in everything I did. I still am a little, but during my single time, I did what I wanted without having to worry about what another person thought, and now I’m more ok being my own person.

I’m not trying to preach the wonders of single life, and I’m not trying to say that doing these things are the key to future happiness, I just want to encourage you to find your happiness in whatever stage of life you find yourself in. Enjoy yourself!

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