Why I Sometimes Feel Like A Sub-Standard Blogger

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We all have those days where nothing seems to be going right, and we question everything we normally believe in. As a blogger, this happens probably once or twice a month, maybe because my views are down, or I see other bloggers being offered opportunities that I’d love to be a part of, and it just leaves me with a little bit of a sinking feeling. Often, it disappears as quickly as it comes on, and I’m back in my little blogging bubble again, but here are a few of the reasons that ever so often I feel less than average.

My selfies get a fraction of likes

For starters, I can rarely take a good selfie, and even after I’ve Facetuned the hell out of it, I’m still not happy, but whenever I do post a quick snap of my face, the likes just don’t rack up like they do on my other photos. Cool guys..

I’m not constantly un-boxing blogger mail

I love writing, so the fact that I haven’t worked with that many brands doesn’t bother me too much, but sometimes when I see blogs where every other post is a collaboration or sponsored post, I feel a little bit like I’m not as ‘seen’ as others. I do, however, think that this makes me so much more grateful and excited when brands do want to work with me.

When it comes to makeup, I’m 100% winging it

I love putting on makeup and trying new things, but I wouldn’t for a second pretend that I’m anywhere near competent, and I cannot for the life of me get decent photos of my makeup to prove the days it does look good.

I’ve never been to a blogging event

Yes, I’m not exactly located in a big city where events happen all the time, so I totally understand it, but I don’t even know how well I would handle one without exploding with nerves!

Some retweet accounts ignore me

When you’ve only got 140 characters, you have to be pretty careful about which RT accounts to tag in a post, and I always feel a little awkward when I see an account retweet the same post by one person 5 times a day, and never retweet mine.

I’m not also on YouTube

I don’t vlog, and I don’t particularly want to vlog, but sometimes it feels like you’re only gonna get seen if you’re also cranking out a daily vlog on YT and raking in those subscribers.

Do you ever feel like this?

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8 thoughts on “Why I Sometimes Feel Like A Sub-Standard Blogger

  1. All of these and way more. In school I was always the weirdo, in my family, I’m the black sheep, so I guess it’s only right that I’m the odd one out in my 8 years of blogging too lol.
    It’s not what it used to be and I know people hate when others say that but it really is true.

    You seem to have a super good group of friends though and that’s the main thing!


  2. I’ve definitely experienced these feelings myself Lottie, so you’re not alone! I think there’s a lot of pressure nowadays, with the rise of social media, to have had a lot of success in a short period of time, and be involved in all kinds of PR and marketing campaigns to get ahead. But I know and read a lot of smaller blogs, who are amazing at what they do (you and Danielle, who commented above, are both good examples) that don’t seem to receive the same amount of attention they should be getting. I think it’s usually down to what’s considered popular and what garners more attention and ‘clicks’ in this fast paced environment we’re living in, you only have to look at YouTube to see this as well – but don’t let it get you down, or make you feel inadequate, because you’re not. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to focus on numbers, RT’s and follows etc. as at the end of the day they’re just numbers, and generally, your true readers will come back time and time again, no matter how often the breaks between their visit are, and they’re usually the one who stick with you no matter what. I think the most important thing is to be enjoying blogging and putting posts out that you enjoy writing too, it should be fun for you. For me, blogging is a hobby, always has been, and I try not to take it too seriously otherwise it’s easy for these kinds of feelings to creep in and then you end up comparing yourself to others, and that can happen in all aspects of life too. Also, don’t feel the need to change to ‘fit in’ – you’re enough as you are, and I love your blog, it always makes me smile. I had a lot of thoughts while reading this, so I’m sorry for the long comments, but I hope it helps a little and remember, you’re not alone! – Tasha

  3. I’ve also gone through this thought process but I just end up letting it go and the “I do it for me” feeling comes back. I hadn’t been to a blogger event until September 15 and I haven’t been to that many because they’re just so far away! Or I don’t get invited. I was also super nervous of going to events because I always felt I’d be standing at the side not talking to anyone but it was completely the opposite. It was great to be in the company of like minded people.

    As for the RT accounts, do you tag @ukbloggers1 – they’re really good at RTing. Also try and time your tweet on the hour mark so the account Res you before it gets overloaded with requests.

  4. I can definitely relate to this – I often feel complete sub-standard as a blogger! Especially when it comes to not being on YT. I always worry that by not moving into vlogging I’m going to be overlooked, but I hate recording myself, editing video; just the whole process. I’m not interested in it! You gotta do you, and be happy with it I guess, otherwise, what’s the point?!

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