7 Things I Love About the WB Studios Tour


While the UK is devoid of our own Harry Potter theme park, we Brits seek some solace knowing that as well as being the setting and home of Harry, JK and the magical world that we have all madly fallen in love with. It also means that we have the WB Studios tour – the home of the world we fell in love with in the movies

I first visited the Studios in 2012, when it opened, and last weekend I finally got to go back, having bought tickets for Matthew’s birthday present, and being back surrounded by the magic reminded me of all the things I love about this ultimate HP fan destination!

1. That opening bit

SPOILERS! The moment when you’re sat in the introductory theatre, and suddenly the screen disappears and you’re at the door to the Great Hall. JAW DROPS.

2. Neville’s cardigan

Is there anything more iconic than in the last film when Neville appears – no longer chubby and bumbly – wearing that knitted cardigan and ready to kick some Death Eater butt? You can see that cardigan like 4 feet away.

3. Trinkets EVERYWHERE

Literally every table and glass cabinet is crammed full of the teeny tiny props that you forget about when you think back over the movies – I could look for hours!

4. The Weasley clock

As well as the self-knitting scarf and the self-washing pot in the Weasley’s living room, I’m always drawn to the infamous family tracking clock, which is forever one of my favourite quirks of that family.

5. Buckbeak

Who doesn’t love a Hippogriff? Well, other than the Malfoys.. The animatronic magical beast makes me so happy!

6. Diagon Alley

On my first trip I spent ages looking at all the tiny details in the shop windows, and the signs and the brickwork – the detail is just phenomenal! I also love how small it is, because you can really imagine it being crammed with witches and wizards bustling around broom-shopping.

7. That scale model

Last week I was a little upset that there was scaffolding over part of the castle so Matthew couldn’t appreciate it in all its glory, but its just so perfect! In the films you can never really get a clear idea of the layout of the castle, only seeing little sections at a time, but its so stunning being able to see it as a whole.

I mean, these are just a few of the incredible experiences at the tour, and I love how the studios are still developing to include more of the parts of the film – the addition of the Hogwarts Express since my first visit was really cool!

Its such a fun day out for all, and if you’re not travelling by car, its really easy to get to using public transport – we got the train from Euston to Watford Junction, then hopped on the tour bus that runs directly from outside the train station for just £2.50 for a return!

Ever been? What did you think?

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3 thoughts on “7 Things I Love About the WB Studios Tour

  1. I’m so excited to visit the WB Studios Tour in September, for my birthday! I heard they are adding the Forbidden Forest to the tour at the end of March so I’ll hopefully get to see that part! It sounds so good, though!

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